Cotton Pre-folds

Our cotton  prefolds are rectangular  pieces of nappies made of  multiple layers of 100% cotton with the central layer being thicker for  higher absorbency where needed.
These larger  nappies come in 4 sizes  from Preemie to Toddler .
There are  two stitch  lines  running down the length  to divide the width of the prefold into  thirds.
The 2 outer thirds comprise of 4 layers of cotton and the central third has 8 layers of cotton.  In the preemie size, this is  formed of 2 and 6 layers  respectively.
New Unwashed prefolds in 4 sizes

The  stitch lines act as  folding  guide lines so the prefold can be simply pad folded and laid into the covers,  or they can be wrapped around the baby and fastened with a nappy pin or Snappi.  They can also be folded into quarters along the length   to  make for a shorter fit.

With prefolds you get  great absorbency and easy customisation. It also dries relatively quicker and and due to the surface area.   When washed, these have a quilted  appearance and  soften up considerably. 

Our 100% natural unbleached cotton ensures  wonderful softness against your baby's  bum, and is ideal for  babies  with sensitive skin, or  whom may react to synthetic fabrics, or disposable nappies. 

Prefolds can be used  for other non-nappy related functions.  As they are so absorbent, they can be used as burp cloths  to clean up spit-ups and as changing mat liners which absorb any accidents and preventing  other items of clothing from getting soaked!.
Washed  Prefolds in 4 Sizes - Prefolds  soften  and quilt up.
Our prefolds come in the following sizes:

These nappies are designed for the  tiniest bundles  of  joy,   therefore they are  much smaller  with  less layering to  reduce  bulkiness.  the length of time your baby is in this nappy will depend on how small he/she is at birth.  these nappies also act as boosters for other prefolds when  a bit more absorbency  is required, so they may get outgrown but still have a lot of usefulness for  long time to come.
The preemie prefolds  have the following features:
Preemie Prefold - Washed and  New- unwashed.
  • 2/6/2 layering with bright blue edge stitching ( 2 layers of fabric  on the  sides with 6 layers in the central core.)
  • They have a pre-washed  dimension of 9" x 13"  and   
  • when they are  washed  they  would shrink to about 9.5"  x 11".  
  • These will fit  babies up to 4kg / 9lbs 
This is an ideal new born nappy as it  fits as a wrap around baby from birth to at least 6 months, maybe up to 9 month depending on the size of your  baby.
It can also be simply pad folded with or without boosting for older / bigger babies
The infant prefolds have the following features:
Infant Prefold - washed and  New-unwashed
  • 4/8/4 layering with red edge stitching (4 layers of fabric on the sides with 8 layers in the central  core.)
  • They have a pre-washed  dimension of 12.5" x 16"  and   
  • when they are  washed  they  would shrink to about 12"  x 14".  
  • These will fit  babies up to 3 - 9 kg / 7 - 20 lbs 
This  is  the  most used  size as  it will generally fit from about 4 months/ 7kg to 30 months/ 15+ kg.   Most  people use this size till potty training. it is also the ideal size for parents who have used disposables from birth and would like to move to cloth after a few months of  gaining a  firm handle on parenthood.
The baby prefolds have the following features:
Baby Prefold - Washed and New - unwashed
  • 4/8/4 layering with Dark Green edge stitching ( 4 layers of fabric  on the  sides with 8 layers in the central  core.
  • they have a pre-washed  dimension of 14" x 21"  and   
  • when they are  washed  they  would shrink to about 13.5"  x 19".  
  • These will fit  babies up to 7 - 15+ kg / 15 - 35+ lbs 
This is  a  bigger size for toddlers especially if you have chunky toddler these are sized  to be able to be  wrapped around  baby and secured with a snappi,  you may struggle to pad fold these  size of prefolds as they are ...... HUGE! Seriously it is  the  size of a good changing  mat! These are ideal  for babies  from about 12 months  till  potty training.

 The toddler prefolds have the following features:
Toddler Prefold - Washed and New-Unwashed.
  • 4/8/4 layering with Purple edge stitching (4 layers of fabric  on the  sides with 8 layers in the central  core.
  • They have a pre-washed  dimension of 17" x 24.5"  and   
  • When they are  washed  they  would shrink to about 9.5"  x 11".  
  • These will fit  babies up to 12 - 18+ kg / 28 - 40+ lbs 
Alternatively they make excellent changing mat liners when not in use or if your baby is yet to grow into them.

This post  will be updated shortly  to give some information on how to fold a prefold. 


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