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Welcome to the Mima Bear Blog!

We are an online modern cloth nappy company, with our HQ in Lagos, Nigeria.  
We love the word "modern", as  these are not the old school "napkins"  that were used on us  as children.  The cloth nappy world has evolved to be more convenient for the modern parent  and our sometimes hectic lifestyles, with huge benefits which include: 
  • Natural fabrics with No harsh chemicals and great on sensitive bums
  • Cost benefits - Cheaper in the long run
  • Reduced waste -  as  they are re-usable.
  • Can be used for more than one (1) child - therefore even more cost  savings. 
All our contributors are mums who use cloth diapers in one capacity or the other and  are always striving to  raise  our  children in a healthier, Godlier environment. 
All our material have been carefully sourced and our  products have been consciously designed and detailed to ensure durability, comfort, absorbency, adaptability /  flexibility of use, and  of course a  yummy dose of  cuteness. 

Our products cover the full range of baby sizes from Preemie babies (1.5kg) all the way to toddlers (15+Kg), so there is something for everyone! 
Our products are also designed to  have longevity of use. For instance if you are blessed to have a preemie baby or  a small newborn,  a  good proportion of our products are designed to be used till you potty train your  baby  therefore  giving you at  least  2 years of  service (only a few items will be out-grown). 

Our  online nature means we do not have a physical shop, however  we have a trusted  nationwide courier,  so any items bought will be delivered wherever you are within Nigeria. 
(We do not currently offer international deliveries but we are working on it and will keep you  updated)

Kindly contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to be of assistance. We are available via the usual social media pages, and will be updating this blog regularly on events, giveaways, offers, and general information on  our products and other  lifestyle  topics. 

Instagram: Mimabearnappies
Skype: Live:mimabearltd
Pinterest: mimabearltd
Business site: mima-bear-cloth-nappies

Thanks  for  taking the time to read about us, now please  feel free to explore  our  pages!


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