Hemp Inserts

Our  hemp inserts are a 55% hemp /45% cotton  mix, providing  superior absorption,  strength, durability, breathe-ability, and  softness.
Hemp fabrics absorb  twice as  much as an equivalent weight  and  size of cotton only fabric and can absorb up to 20%  its own weigh whilst still being  dry to the  touch (when compared with polyester which can absorb a maximum of 6%) therefore  keeping baby's bum  drier to the touch even when  it is absolutely soaked.
Our inserts are made as 2 layers  to allow quicker drying and  flexibility of use  as  either  double or triple folding to suit absorbency requirements and  multiple size settings.

Pleae note with hemp, they achieve maximum absorbency after a few washes typicaly 5 - 6 washes. but lets be honest- nobody washes anything 5 times before using it,  so whilst the  first few times you use it you wonder what the hype is,  after  about 5 washes  -  the difference will show!

They come in 3 sizes with the small and medium inserts having snaps which can be fixed into the nappy covers to keep them in place or can be simply folded and laid in the cover without  fixing it with the snaps.  The large insert do not have any snaps as they can be wrapped around baby (up to 13 kg)  and secured with a fastener or simply folded into the nappy cover.

Our hemp inserts can be used  on their own, or as  boosters with  other insert types. These are  ideal boosters  for times  when added  absorbency  is needed such as at  night time or  long car  journeys. they offer such great flexibility, how you choose to use the  hemp inserts is completely  up to you.

Our hemp inserts are  available as individual sizes or as a multi-buy option with all 3  sizes.

Our  small hemp inserts are a small but mighty  and versatile option.  It measures 23cm x 28cm (9” x 11”) unwashed  with a washed  dimemsion of 23cm x 25.5cm  (9" x 10")and fits in the TOS  cover  in all 3 size settings and can be used as a booster in the OS covers. It is a great booster option and can be used  with other inserts to provide extra absorbency with minimal bulk.

Triple fold:  This  fits  the TOS  covers in  the 2XS and 3XS  settings.

Double fold: This fits into   the  TOS cover in the XS setting and the OS  cover in the S setting.

This is a fantastic size  for the OS  covers as it can be adjusted to fit the Small,  Medium and Large settings easily. It measures 28cm x 35cm (11” x 14”) unwashed with a washed dimension of  28cm x 33cm (11" x 13").

Triple fold:  This  fits  the OS  covers in  the S settings.

Double fold: This fits into the OS cover in the  M and L setting.

This is the big daddy of  absorption as   they are   large enough to  be used  either as pad-folded inserts or  can be  wrapped around baby and secured  with a pin/ snappi. It measures 35cm x 42cm (14” x 16.5”) unwashed with a washed dimension of 25cm x 38cm (14" x 15") and  can be wrapped and fastened  on  slimmer babies up to about 14 kg and are a  fantastic night time  diaper option  for  bigger babies  which when used  in combination with other inserts pad folded or placed at the center are practically impossible to out-pee!

Triple fold:  This  fits  the OS  covers in  the L settings of the OS covers comfortably. It could be folded down in front to fit the small and medium settings.

Wrap  round baby:  please see information on prefolds.


For double fold : (Small and Medium hemp inserts only)

A. Place the inserts with the blue snaps facing  up (you should see 2 blue snaps ( socket and plug  with one orange snap cap on one end and  an orange  socket snap at the other  end of the  insert).
B. Using the guide lines  which divides the insert at the center,  fold over  in half  along across the width and fix the blue snaps together.

C. On one side  will the  the orange socket snaps .  fix this  to the nappy cover.

For triple fold:  (Small and Medium hemp inserts)
A.  Place the inserts with the blue snaps facing  down (  you should see 2 blue  caps  with one orange  socket on one end and  an orange  snap cap at the other  end of the  insert)
B.  Using the guide lines  which divides the insert in thirds,  fold down the end of the inserts  with 1 orange cap only,  this  will expose the  socket  snap behind.
C.  Fold up the  other end ( with 3  snaps)   and match up the orange snaps and fix in place.
tun the insert around and attach the blue socket  snap to the nappy cover.

What is it with all these snapping?!! 
The snaps are mostly there to help keep things in place,  should  you wish  not to use them, the  inserts are still very functional, simply fold in half or  thirds and  place  the snap free face touching baby's  bum.

When  folding in halves,   you may want the blue snap caps tucked under the  the front flap of the nappy cover

For triple fold:  (Large hemp inserts Only)
Simply fold in thirds  using the stitch lines as a guide.  the large size does not have any snaps. 

You may need to fold down the front a bit for it to fit  to the  Small and Medium  settings of the One-Size (OS) nappy covers. An example of this is illustrated below.  
You can tuck the folded down ends in to  hold  it in place. the folded ends should be placed to the front of the nappy where more absorbency is required. 

Wrap  round baby:  please see information on prefolds.


Our small and medium hemp inserts are  fantastic as boosters,  simply fold in halves  or thirds (snapping not  required)  and  place within the other  insert or nappy being used.

If using  with our bamboo inserts, they can be fixed together with or without the snaps.  further information will be posted shortly.

For  our prefolds they can be  placed inside a pad fold or at the centre of the wrap fold.

If using  our flap style AIO,   the small insert fits nicely underneath the  flap.

For our  pocket style AIO, the small or medium inserts  can be stuffed inside the pockets  for  added absorbency.

If wrap folding the large insert,  other  inserts may be placed a the  center to  improve the absorberncy at the central area.

Do let us know  if you have any questions.  we would love to hear from you.

You can buy the hemp inserts using the "Add to Cart" Button below.

Thanks for Reading!


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