Nappy Covers / Wraps

Nappy covers, also called  nappy wraps or diaper covers, or shells.
These are the waterproof outer layers  that provide containment for wetness and  soils.

Our covers  grow with your baby with  adjust-ability in both the rise and waist. The waist  and  legs are  gently elasticated to ensure comfort with a double  gusset  for better fit around the legs and a  concealed  snap for inserts  to minimize  "shifting" of the inserts.

Our nappy covers  have 3 x 3  grid of  snaps  which control the rise  adjustment, and  the  double row of  snaps at the top are to adapt the waist.

The waist snaps also feature a  crossover snaps for very small waists and  these ensure that  the  nappy covers  can fit very small babies.

Finally our covers  come in 15 different colour offerings ranging from plain and bold  primary colours to trendy and baby friendly prints  in both male, female and unisex options.

A PDF on how to size your  diaper covers, will be available shortly.

Our  covers come in two sizes -
  • Teenie One-size (TOS)  which is  our Newborn  sizes  ideal for teenie tiny newborns  and perfect for preemies.  it  fits  from 1.5 kg to 5 kg and  provide adjust-ability to fit  sizes XS  to 3XS.

  • One-Size (OS)which is our Birth to Potty cover fits  babies from  3.6 kg (8 lbs)  to about 15 kg  (35 lbs)  and are  adjustable to fit Small, Medium and  Large. 

To appreciate how small the TOS covers can get, see below for a few comparison images which shows the various size settings of the Teenie - One-Size with the small setting of the One-size.

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Thanks for taking time to read this, we hope it was helpful!


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