How to size our newborn bamboo inserts to fit into the Teenie One-Size covers

We have 3 bamboo inserts ( Newborn, Small and Large), Each insert is made of thirsty layers of  thick bamboo/cotton mix,  which gives our inserts incredible softness,  strength and absorption.  they also have  snaps  which can be  fixed to the  nappy covers, and fold guide lines for easy adjust-ability.

Our Newborn bamboo insert  which is  specially designed to  fit  into our  Newborn covers (also called the Teenie One-Size  or TOS covers) in the XS, 2XS and 3XS settings.  These are  ideal for  preemies  as they are formed from 3 layers of bamboo/cotton fabric  so are less bulky with just  the right amount of absorption  for a  small newborn/ preemie.
The newborn insert  can be used as a booster with our other inserts making a truly adaptable  insert.

Our Standard bamboo inserts  comes as 2 in a pack  with a small and a large size both of which are easily adjustable to suit the various sizing  of our diaper covers.  This is  done as 2 in a pack because we understand that babies grow and our nappies have been carefully designed to grow with them.

Each of the Small and Large insert is made of 4 thirsty layers of  thick bamboo/cotton mix. and are designed to work together when extra absorbency is required.

The small size is ideal as a booster for the large inserts when in the One-Size nappy covers. It also fits into our Teenie One-Size (TOS) Covers on the XS and 2XS setting.


Our inserts are designed for easy size adjustment. Each insert features coloured snaps and fold-down guides for 3 size options:
TOS cover in 3XS size  (Newborn Insert Only)
With the snaps  facing down, fold  the insert along the first guide line so that both the orange and blue snaps are  exposed with the blue snap is at the bottom of the folded insert
Flip the insert over and fiix the blue snap to the  female snap on the nappy cover.

TOS cover in 2XS size  (Newborn or Small insert) 
With snaps  facing down, fold the  inserts along the second guideline so that only the orange snap is exposed.
Fix the blue snap to the female snap on  the nappy  cover.

TOS cover in XS Size  (Newborn or Small insert)
With snaps facing  down, fix the orange snaps to the female snap on the  nappy cover.

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