Snappi time!

Back in the day we used safety pins to hold nappies in  place.  These days all that pricking just won't  do!
The "SNAPPI" is a plastic nappy fastener that secures the nappy fabrics to baby.  They also come in a variety of amazing colours.
How many colours can you make out?
These are great for  flats, prefolds, contoured nappies, and fitted nappies.

Mima Bear is the official stockists in Nigeria! Whoop! whoop! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Wholesale orders available!

We stock the Snappi nappy/diaper fasteners  in 12 colours:
✔Baby pink
✔Neon pink
✔Baby blue
✔Rich blue
✔Baby yellow
✔Rich yellow
✔Moss green
✔Dove grey

Available in single or a pre-selected pack of 3.
Have a blessed  week!


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