Hemp inserts how-tos and sizing.

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Its been a while we updated the blog,  however there has been a lot of background work going on.  we have also been updating our how-to-guides  which are  posted as individual pages.

This  post  deals with our hemp inserts,  how to use it and size it  with our nappy covers.   

Hemp is a fabulous  absorbent  fabric, made from the hemp plant! on its own it is very  stiff and scratchy against the skin, therefore,  hemp is mixed with other fibres such as cotton, silk and bamboo to  give it some softness.

Our hemp inserts are a 55% hemp /45% cotton  mix, providing  superior absorption,  strength, durability, breathe-ability, and  softness.

Hemp fabrics absorb  twice as  much as an equivalent weight  and  size of cotton only fabric and can absorb up to 20%  its own weigh whilst still being  dry to the  touch (when compared with polyester which can absorb a maximum of 6%) therefore  keeping baby's bum  drier to the touch even when  it is absolutely soaked.

Please note :
With hemp, they achieve maximum absorbency after a few washes, typically 5 - 6 washes to get all the natural oils out of the  fabric and many  manufacturers will recommend up to 5 washes before first  use! Seriously! but lets be honest- nobody (at least I do not) washes anything 5 times before using it. 
So whilst after the first wash, and subsequent one or 2 times any products with hemp is used, you wonder what the hype is.  Hemp absorbs slowly, so the first time after one or 2 washes you notice, only the middle or front portion is soaking wet and the back is bone  dry,  the  natural oils inhibit  the rate of absorption. so initially they may not  perform so well.  after  about 5 washes - the difference will be astounding!

Hemp also dries slowly so  if you wish to build your stash around  hemp, you need to have enough  inserts or nappies  to allow the longer drying times.

A detailed guide as to how to use our hemp inserts can be found HERE!

Thanks for reading!  See you later!


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