Cloth Nappies 101 Series: Part V - Dos & Donts of using Cloth Nappies

Ok.  so we know you are  wondering when the cloth nappies series will finally end? Well, this is the final chapter! Yay! and a very short one

This  post will go briefly through a few things you should or should NOT do when using cloth nappies.

Do NOT wash above 60oC - as  you will damage the PUL.  wash between 40oC - 60oC
For purely cotton items you may be able to  wash at higher temperatures.

Do  an extra rinse or two at the end of  your wash cycle

Do NOT keep dirty diapers for longer than 3 days, before you wash them.

Do NOT use zinc based diaper / nappy creams as these  leave a residue and coat the surface of the  nappies,  making it  water repellant - thus reducing its absorption. If you need to used nappy creams,  which may be  prescribed, we  would  reccommend you either use flushable nappy liners  or  use disposable nappies for the duration.

Allow for boosting as your baby grows.   With disposable diapers you change  the  sizes as your baby grows  either when the  reach a weight milestone or if you notice they start having  leaks.
With cloth nappies you need  to do the same with  absorption.   Whilst  the  nappies  are  adjustable in the  rise and  waist  to increase the  size,  people tend to forget that the absorption needs adjustment  too.  Therefore  whilst a nappy inserts was  fine  for your baby at 2 months, and  could last 4 hours, you will find that the same insert may only last 1.5 hours on a 9 month old.   Your choices  are  to either change more frequently or add  more absorbency by using additional inserts. 

You do need to change  a bit more frequently than if using disposables.  This is due to the fact that  if your nappies  are thoroughly saturated,  they will leak!   this follows on with the point above, do allow for adequate  absorberncy to meet your baby's needs.

Do ensure the nappies are snug (NOT tight) around baby's waist and thighs,  this ensures a better fit and better containment. 

You will have a fluffy bummed baby  so you may find  that vests and body suits may be a bit tighter on the  crotch.  We would advice  to either go a  size up in clothing if you notice  this happening.  Buy a vest extender or  make one- will post a link to a  turorial here in the near  future.  Or   use normal singles /T-shirts without the bottom  crotch snaps. 

This also goes  for  trousers-   skinny jeans(yes they do make  them in baby sizes  as well as i was stunned to find out!)  and  leggings may need  to be in a  size  up to allow for bigger derrier. 

Lastly enjoy the process!

Do let us know in the comment section below or  on any of  our social media  handles or email  if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Can I use any detergent to wash the nappies and can I spread directly under the sun?


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